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  • Preset Handling

    In the latest version of osculator you implemented presets which send the actual value of the presets to the target destination. I like it very much!

    While implementing i came across the following suggestions for presets handling:

    1. Actually, the presets must be changed with the <switch to> parameter or the <change by index> Switch to means you have to have a line in every preset for every other preset, and it's not auto-updating, e.g. if there are new presets, old presets do not get updated. Change by index did never work for me.

    Do I miss something here? how could I concretely trigger a Osculator preset with <switch to> from a ableton live session clip/row? Could I use midi program changes to solve this?

    2. Can parameters be excluded from presets saving? I have some areas where it would make sense to exclude them from sending their values upon preset selection, even though the rest of the values are sent.

    3. Apart from that: Sometimes my iPad gets its values not updated, even though i can SEND the values to osculator. My setup is: iPad - Osculator - Ableton (midi ports track & remote ON for both osculator input & output)

    I highly appreciate your inputs

    Emanuel aka modul8tor

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    Hi Modul8tor,

    There are very good questions, I hope these answers will provide good guidance:

    1. First of all the reason why presets assignments are not updated is to avoid changes that fall outside your control. If you need to reflect your new presets change assignments in other presets, copy (Command-C) the relevant messages from one preset, and paste them in another one (Command-V).

    Change by index has been thought to work directly with input from MIDI Program Changes, or from OSC messages whose argument is a number between 0 (first preset) to N-1, where N is the count of presets.

    So, if you want to use TouchOSC to change a preset by index, you must make TouchOSC send a message with the right value, or scale that value to match the preset number as previously described. Here are two solutions:

    A. With the last version of TouchOSC, you can set the output range of a control. So if you want to have a button that switches to the 3rd preset, in TouchOSC Editor, set the Value Range "From: 2 to: 2".

    B. Alternatively, you can also do that in OSCulator. Switch to the Scalings Page, and modify the Output Min/Max parameters to the same value, 2. To reflect that change in other presets, you will have to delete the corresponding messages, and paste the updated one which is not very practical. For some reason, the current version (2.10-rc1) has a bug that prevents from properly copy/pasting the scaling parameters on existing messages (that will be fixed in a future update).

    On the other hand, if you want to use MIDI Program Changes to change a preset by index, this is more simple: simply send the specified program changes on the same channel, and assign a "Presets/Change by index" event to the /midi/program/x message. In order to send a program change from Live, you just have to create an empty clip on a dedicated MIDI track, and set the Program parameter to the desired value. If you want to send another program change, create another clip, and set to another Program value.

    2. That is correct, parameter assignments and values are two mutually exclusive concepts. For simplicity, I thought that it would be better to start with something that is easy to use but not super powerful. In the future, I will provide a way to manage "snapshots" which is a feature similar to presets, but only for managing messages values.

    Now, it would be certainly nice to choose the state of "Send values on preset change" on a per-preset basis. I will think about this …

    3. It sounds like your device is connected to a WiFi network through a wireless router. If you use a direct connection (ad-hoc WiFi network), you should not experience drop outs. The procedure to create an ad-hoc network is outlined here.




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      Hi Camille, thanks for your extensive replies.

      I am about to publish a song I perform in Ableton Live which is mainly fed by control changes of osculator. So i don't use the clip matrix, i mess with a lot of parameter changes to create a song entirely with parameter changes. I have produced a video of it yesterday, and will link it asap, its much fun to make live music this way.

      Having said that, i get to a point where i am stuck: Your above described "Message Value Management" in addition to the normal presets (which solves the lack of session view automatisation in ableton)
      I have been looking for a practical solution for this for over a year now.
      Unfortunately, all concepts i was looking at were either unpractical, unsafe to use or had other pitfalls (for example: max4life preset patches).

      Is there anything I can do to help you implementing "Message Value Management"?
      I am extremely willing to share with you all the information i gathered during my search, the problems related to it, and of course to beta test, as this is the main blocker of my musical creativity for the moment.

      Emanuel aka modul8tor


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        Hello Emanuel,

        I am definitely interested to know your experience on this issue.
        Would you mind if we continue this discussion off the record?
        Please check out my profile for the email.