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Option to allow multiple keypresses with one command?

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  • Option to allow multiple keypresses with one command?

    I'd like to use OSCulator with TouchOSC in an environment where I can set up the iPad almost as a macro keyboard. I can find no other app that does a good job of this. It would be to replace an X-keys.

    OSCulator already has an option to send a single key command, like OPTION-A or something, but I'd love to see the facility to run a whole series of key commands with one OSC command. Why? I love the layout options in TouchOSC. I could lay out macro buttons however I want, then use them to trigger entries in documents that I'm working on. For instance, I draft lighting plots for entertainment and themed environments. When I select a fixture, I have to name that fixture for what it does. There are a lot of standards here, and if I could have them pre-programmed so that when I hit one button, it inserts the word "Graphic"+ENTER or "Wall Wash"+ENTER or "Floor Fill"+ENTER, or sends the command string COMMAND-I + TAB + COMMAND-V + COMMAND-W (my often used command string for pasting icons onto folders), that would be amazing.

    Ay chance of such a feature being added?

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    Hi Samiwas,

    This is an excellent suggestion, thanks.
    I'll keep it at hand when redesigning the key command system.