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9-pin -> USB-adapter as a HID on a Mac

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  • 9-pin -> USB-adapter as a HID on a Mac


    I want to connect my old joystick to my Mac and use it as a XY-controller in Logic via Osculator. Has anyone done something like this?

    I've installed drivers for a a 9-pin -> USB (232) on my Mac running SnowLeopard, and connected my Tac-2 joystick through the converter cable. The adapter shows up in my network settings panel but I don't understand how to configure it to register as a HID rather than a network device. I tried configuring a txt-file hidden deep inside the system folder using a tutorial I found somewhere, using ZTerm for editing the file. But I never got that to work. Maybe it can work while being a network adapter rather than a HID, I don't know. But surely the joystick would have to register as a HID for this to work at all?

    Is there any way to do this on a Mac? All the info I've found seems to be for PC. But I have drivers for OSX so it should work. I can't find any HID-settings anywhere in my system settings but the adapter shows up so I know it's functioning.

    Can anyone please help me, if you have connected stuff via 9-pin -> USB on a Mac. If anyone has, please please please take a few minutes and try to help me in the right direction as I'm stuck and I walk around in circles on Google.

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    Hi tac2,

    This sounds like a fun project.

    What adapter are you using to convert the 9-pin to USB?
    I would have expected that a serial device would appear in the system as a character device (/dev/ttyS1 or something). I guess the first thing to do is to identify exactly what data comes from this device and how it works, then see how this can be changed.