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  • HID Output to a PC

    Hi, I'm working on a driver station project to drive a robot for a robotics competition in January. We are required to use a laptop that dual-boots Windows and a special linux OS 'Dashboard' created for the competition. The only controllers we can use to drive the robot have to be a HID type thing lol. Like a regular gamepad, logitech controller. I want to use an iPad running touchOSC>OSCulator then send that through a USB to the dashboard PC.

    if there isn't a way to do this, we are willing to pay or someone can sponsor us, to make this possible!!

    Also i have heard of MIDI plumbing. Can i do this, TouchOSC > OSCulator (Event type: HID) > USB to MIDI > MIDI to USB > Dashboard PC. Will the PC recognize this as an HID device???

    Or maybe TouchOSC > OSCulator (Event type: MIDI CC) > USB to MIDI > MIDI to USB > Dashboard PC.

    Please help me out with this!!
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    Hi Androb4,

    I can see several problems here.

    First of all as you know TouchOSC is not a "HID device". Even if you used OSCulator to convert the OSC messages to HID, there would be no simple way to send the HID to a USB port.

    Before deciding to use TouchOSC, question yourself:
    - is it the right kind of controller to drive a robot?
    - is it robust enough to wirelessly control the robot?
    - will it be accepted by the game rules?

    So if you really want to use TouchOSC, try to keep simple things simple: send OSC directly to your PC, and leave the Mac out of this business. It is easy to parse OSC data. Making a virtual HID device in Linux might be possible, but much more complicated on Windows, though you should be able to find an example of such a driver on google ...