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  • Padkontrol & traktor

    Hi fancy,
    here I am attempt to link traktor and padkontrol via osculator and I have a last issue, It is from to the message send by osculator toward the Padkontrol more particularly the message sent to the LED, I identified that padkontrol detected only the "Up front" (front montant en francais) to turn ON the LED.My question is how does osculator generate a loop go from 0 to 1 wich will be sent to LED until the message of Osculator is 1 and dont send loop when osculator message is 0

    Thanx a lot

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    Can you share some details on the message coming from Traktor?
    You should be able to solve your problem by making the message right directly from Traktor. But this really depends on what is sent from Traktor, without knowing that, I can't give more information.



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      For exemple when the button "Play/Pause" is turned ON Traktor send me an held ON message and an held OFF message when button "Play/Pause" is OFF but my issue that is The lighting of LED of PadKontrol reacts only on "Front UP/ Front montant en français" so I would want osculator sends to PadKontrol loops of 0 to 1 until traktor send ON message
      THX CYR


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        OK now I see.
        Select the MIDI message that you receive in OSCulator.
        Now choose Edit -> Demux.
        Send the MIDI message from Traktor again. The demux'ed message will have now two entries.

        If you use Quick Look on those sub-messages you will see that the signal is now one pulse for each possible value of the MIDI message.


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          Hi thx for your help but I really dont understand what you explain so I made a loop for LED but loop is for two play/pause button af traktor ...I will work on it stay tunes bye


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            Please read the manual for more info about the Demux command:

            There is no point about asking for help if you don't try to understand the answer.