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  • Pricing is off

    Hey there!

    I just bought Touch OSC to try controlling Traktor, and downloaded Osculator to connect the two. Osculator's alert about registering makes it impossible to try this out in a serious way though, You say it's nagging, but it freezes the whole setup for 15 seconds. So I thought ok i'll pay for it without any serious testing, even though I don't know if I'm going to use this setup. $19 to $39??! Are you kidding me? If Touch OSC cost $5, should this help application really cost four times that? And I can't even try it out for one night? Then I'd rather choose some other setup.

    You have to remove the alert, or at least give us 10 days to try it out or something. There's not even an email address up on the site, and you seriously want me to pay you $39?

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    Hi Illi,

    The nagging window is there to remind you that you don't own the software until you have actually bought it. It first appears 5 minutes after launch, and then every 20 minutes, which is in my opinion enough to try out the functions without the possibility to perform on stage.

    A 10 days trial system would be much more difficult to implement, and I don't want to go into any nastier (and expansive) protection schemes.

    For your own information, there are many satisfied users around that supported the development of this software by paying what they thought would be fair. When you pay for your registration, you pay for the support that comes with it too. This forum is an example of my commitment to a fine support.

    If you are not interested, please don't complain and use something else.




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      I guess I'm mostly a bit annoyed by the fact that what I thought would cost 5-10 bux really was $24. I don't know what people usually use Osculator for, but for an add-on to Touch OSC it feels silly to pay 4 times what the main app cost.

      I also think that developers should speak up about their pricing. On your site there is just a big download button, and no price indication until you click purchase. This gives me the impression that the app is pretty cheap and also that it's probably usable even without purchase, like many mac apps are. I spent a few hours to set this up, and then realizing I had to buy it to try it out in a serious way, and then realizing it would cost me $20 to do that.

      I'm guessing here, but I think you could make more money from the app if it cost $8. Then I would have bought it instead of doing this whining. Sad behaviour on my part isn't it


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        OSCulator is not just a simple add on to TouchOSC. I have no relationship with Rob whatsoever (the author of TouchOSC), expect that I appreciate him as a fellow developper and artist.

        If you can't figure out what you can do with OSCulator, you can read the fine manual here.

        There's even a tutorial for TouchOSC and Live (basically the same for Traktor). Oh, and have you tried "osculator tutorial" on google? There are plenty of results.

        Again, thanks for your involved messages, it shows how excited you are by OSCulator.


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          What I mean is that I think it's too expensive for my intended use, which is for it to act as translator between TouchOSC and Traktor. For other uses it might be worth it's money, not for mine though.

          I have no trouble running the app, I don't know why you think that + being sarcastic about it.


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            double post


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              Fair enough Illi,

              Do you think there should be a "lite" version of OSCulator?

              If yes, in your opinion which features should be provided for $8.00?




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                I guess people only use 1/10 of it's functionality, since you probably use it for one device or one special purpose, so it's hard to say what features would be appropriate for a lite version. But you could have variable pricing for fun / commercial use. If I make money using it, I can pay $19-39.

                Most of all, state clearer on the site that it's a demo that you're downloading.


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                  Hey Illi,

                  Thanks for the suggestions. I will make changes to the website to state that the version is a trial until it is fully registered.

                  I will also consider doing a lite version, but that will come after I have finished writing the new manual, and released the next bug corrections.




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                    Hey all,

                    I just felt like giving my 2 cents. In my opinion, OSCulator is not overpriced at all. I feel your pain, Illi, believing you could get TouchOSC working with your host for 5 Dollars and then figuring out you'll need to buy something else for four times the money.

                    But that's not OSCulator's fault! Like most AppStore Apps, TouchOSC is ridiculously cheap. It is hard to compare the pricing because everything else I know that could do the same is hardware+software, but just look at some random plugins at You'll rarely find somthing for under $50 (or completly free).

                    For me, $25 (at minimum) for TouchOSC and OSCulator is an incredible value. I nearly bought two of those Korg NanoControl thingies for $120 and would have ended with far less possibilities.

                    I for one would wish for a note on TouchOSCs AppStore Page that you might need to buy other software (like OSCulator) to use TouchOSC with MIDI hosts. That would've made things clear upfront, right Illi?

                    Best regards,



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                      Thanks Gero, I appreciate you took the time to express your opinion.


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                        I'm with Gero. I guess that everybody that spends time developing knows about that, and this is not Illi's case. I bought Osculator when it was first released (i think) and first I only used it to get raw data into PD and then do there my work. But now, with last improvements i am beggining to use it without the PD programming...nice!

                        BTW TouchOSC is cheap...good also!!

                        thanks to all

                        Is there a "suggestions" thread?


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                          Hey Arecio,

                          You can use the Tips & Hints forum to make your suggestions, and I will enter new suggestion tickets in my tracker.

                          If some people think there is a need for a sperated Suggestions forum, I will create one, but since the forum is still at moderate traffic I think it is just fine.