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Send OSC message to Lemur (legacy) to change interface

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  • Send OSC message to Lemur (legacy) to change interface

    Hello Forum!
    I just picked up one of the classic Jazzmutant Lemur's and after a long night of programming I was finally able to get midi signals in Ableton from Lemur through Osculator (Lemur -> Osculator -> Ableton). Now that I have that figured out my last challenge to get everything working smoothly is to send a midi signal from ableton to osculator then convert that midi note or cc value to osc message to be sent to the Lemur to change the interface (or page).

    According the the Lemur manual (which is technically for the Ipad app vs. legacy unit but everything else seems to function the same) I should be able to send a osc message of /interface interface name to the Lemur on channel 8000.

    From the manual:
    "Note that it’s also possible to switch Interfaces via OSC. Just send an OSC message in the format “/interface InterfaceName” to Lemur’s IP (port 8000). In our case this would look like “/interface 1 Demo” for switching to the first one. For names that include spaces there is an additional consideration to be made. The OSC software has to send the name as a single string. This might involve putting it in quotes in the software. This is the case for Max/MSP. "

    I have been able to get a Midi signal from ableton into osculator but I am having trouble converting the message to OSC then sending the message to the Lemur. Can anybody help me with what to put for the event type and value? I understand the message needs to ultimately be /interface test1 to switch to my "test1" interface. I am extremely new to Osculator and midi to osc in general so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    PS the inspiration for this came from the Glitch Mob's old setup. Seeing the Lemur change pages (interfaces) as they played was so cool and my new music project is taking some inspirations from that.