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  • Triggering Bug?

    Hey Folks! First off Camille what an outstanding app! I have built many successful projects linking equipment in our theatre with Osculator at the centre on it all.

    So currently I am designing an interface that receives midi input /midi/cc16/16 and I have setup duplicates of the message and scaled the incoming messages to trigger on only particular CC values (CAP). Then it sends out an OSC message to fire a specific snapshot on our Digico audio mixer. This works a treat for most of the CC values but there are some values that just won't trigger when CAP is checked? Message works fine if CAP unchecked and manually triggered from Osculator. I have unchecked the active boxes for the values that don't fire so they can be easily found to troubleshoot. Thanks for any thoughts and help. Kyra.

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    Hi !

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I had a look at the file you sent me. This is serious stuff. I don't think I recall seeing such a huge file before

    When I look at the /midi/cc16/16 message, I can see all the duplicates. If I follow the input ranges, I found a gap at the duplicate #19 : the range 21-22 is skipped. Is this intentional ? I don't seem to see a reason why it would be. Maybe this is the reason why you notice gaps?

    Now, I see also that this MIDI message simply triggers an OSC message with the value of the received CC. I would suggest you simply make a single OSC message that outputs its single argument as an integer. Also make sure the output max is set to 127 so the output will be scaled accordingly to the output. Unless I misunderstood your requirements, this should save you 127 duplicates and 127 OSC message definitions!



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      Hey Cam!

      Thanks so much for your time and another set of eyes/brain. Your suggestion worked great! I now have control over all 510 cues in our mixer's offline editor or the mixer itself from just one osc message. Scaling was also key to getting everything talking properly. So this particular project has the Digico SD9 Remote Editor Software OSC controlling my Behringer X32 for offline playback, programming and editing of all mixer parameters and also the X32 controlling Waves plugins in Reaper. It is kinda a combo file from a couple other projects that's why it is so big.

      Btw I have only created the OSC messages and routing for one SD9/X32 channel at this point.
      Now that the design part is almost done I will have to duplicate/reassign routing/messages for 55 more channels. So this file will get way larger by the end. I try to think of big projects like this as a huge puzzle that I am putting together with a bunch of modules. Actually Digico describe their mixer channels as having 11 modules or sections. Add mixer/screen navigation and macros and well it gives your app quite a work out I suspect. Again wicked app Cam!

      When I am finished I will be able to take a Digico show file and a multitrack audio recording (Reaper) from our theatre, bring it back to my studio and playback the show using Reaper, the Digico Editor and my X32! I can then update the Digico show file by adding adjusting cues and bring it back into the theatre for the actual show. I can also do a post production mix of the show for PR and Video release. Thus giving my theatre new client services and my studio more post production work. Your app makes all this possible. Grateful.

      So the only other problem I have in this setup is when in full bi-directional mode the faders on the X32 stick and stop when physically moved too quickly. If moved slowly enough they barely stick or not at all. Too much data moving back and forth at the same time? The X32 fader spits an osc value to the editor and in turn the editor spits it back is what I am seeing. This is not a problem for the other digital encoders on the X32, just the motorized faders have this problem. I have setup mappings that allow Bi-Directional control, Editor only control, X32 only control and a Editor input control with X32 DCA & output control. When either the SD9 or the X32 has fader control all movements are smooth, just not in full Bi-Directional. Any ideas?

      Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 11.28.24 AM.pngScreen Shot 2020-01-01 at 11.28.05 AM.png
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