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Motu DP bi-directional fader control.

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  • Motu DP bi-directional fader control.

    I still would like to get bi-directional control of faders in Motu DP happening via Oscualtor.

    I have set up faders in TouchOSC, which send just fine to DP from my IPad.

    I have Oscualtor doing all of my translation now, skipping TouchOSC's send data features, which are erratic.

    I would like to see the faders on the iPad move to reflect playback.

    Any suggestions?

    I have not looked at this forum in about a year. I posted this once awhile ago (stalling about faders, bars/best display, timecode display, etc.) and no replies.

    I looked through the forum here today and see that about 99% of the posts receive zero replies.

    Camm...anyone home????