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touchOSC & Logic X Bi-directional with customised layouts?

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  • touchOSC & Logic X Bi-directional with customised layouts?

    Hi there.

    Is there anyone here using touchOSC with customized layouts and bi-directional midi to Logic X?!
    I am looking for help setting up touchOSC (ipad) with Logic X. Can OSCulator help me here? On the webpage under “Key feature” it is saying: “Bi-directional MIDI with TouchOSC. I need bi-directional communication to/from touchOSC and Logic X. I know you can connect Logic directly to touchOSC, BUT I will be note able to use customised layouts… . It is more like a Mackie control or Logic Remote… .

    Link I used:
    But at the bottom it is written! “Note: It is not possible at this time to use customized Layouts or to learn OSC commands. However, authorized 3rd party developers can create Logic CS plug-ins which can use OSC-based communication.”

    If I use the touchOSC Bridge, I can use the app to control all I want, BUT no Midi Feedback/bi-directional communication is happening. Just one way (ipad to Logic).

    Any help how to make it work? Is there a easy to follow step-by-step guide? Or is it just not possible :-( (without diving deep into coding :-))

    Any help very appreciated.