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touchOSC & Logic X Bi-directional with customised layouts?

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  • touchOSC & Logic X Bi-directional with customised layouts?

    Hi there.

    Is there anyone here using touchOSC with customized layouts and bi-directional midi to Logic X?!
    I am looking for help setting up touchOSC (ipad) with Logic X. Can OSCulator help me here? On the webpage under “Key feature” it is saying: “Bi-directional MIDI with TouchOSC. I need bi-directional communication to/from touchOSC and Logic X. I know you can connect Logic directly to touchOSC, BUT I will be note able to use customised layouts… . It is more like a Mackie control or Logic Remote… .

    Link I used:
    But at the bottom it is written! “Note: It is not possible at this time to use customized Layouts or to learn OSC commands. However, authorized 3rd party developers can create Logic CS plug-ins which can use OSC-based communication.”

    If I use the touchOSC Bridge, I can use the app to control all I want, BUT no Midi Feedback/bi-directional communication is happening. Just one way (ipad to Logic).

    Any help how to make it work? Is there a easy to follow step-by-step guide? Or is it just not possible :-( (without diving deep into coding :-))

    Any help very appreciated.


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    Have you found any more information about it?

    I had understood that it is not possible, but I do not know if it has changed or I am wrong.


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      No. I also contacted Hexler, if I recall it right they said it is not possible, and they couldn't help me.... . I don't use the software at the moment. Nice idea, but...


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        Well, I've been trying something this morning and seems it works but it's not perfect.

        What I did is to create an external virtual instrument that outputs to OSCulator in the Logic Pro X MIDI Environment. Then, I connect each software instrument track to that virtual instrument and that's it. If OSCulator is configured correctly, when I play the track, the faders in TouchOSC are moving automatically representing the CC info of the track.

        This is the good part. The bad part is that since all tracks are sending MIDI to the same virtual output and same channel and I wish to have only 1 fader for each CC (for example CC1, Modulation) when different info is recorded in different tracks, the fader goes crazy trying to represent simultaneously the different information of each software instrument track.

        I am investigating if it is possible that only the selected track in the project sends information when playing the project and not all at once. Just as it works in reverse when I send information from TouchOSC to Logic Pro, if I move the corresponding fader to CC1 it only records on the active track, not all.