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MacOS Big Sur and Osculator HID

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  • MacOS Big Sur and Osculator HID


    I am new to Osculator and wanted to try it out before purchasing.
    I successfully connected a Wiimote to my Mac, and created a HID mapping.
    But after that, I am prompted to install an extension every time, and it does not seem to be loading properly. I'm saying this as I tried Osculator in the past on the previous MacOS version at a friend's house, and the controller appeared in the game he user. But in my case, no controller appears.

    Could anyone help ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi DrNTA,

    I am sorry about that.
    This is a known bug, the HID extension is not ready for Big Sur.
    I can't guarantee this is actually possible, but I have set the objective to sort this problem out in the forthcoming weeks.



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      Hi Camille,

      Thanks for the reply? I'm sorry I did not reply earlier as I did not see the notification.
      I hope you eventually manage to make it work someday, as I have noticed by comparing my mapping without HID to my friend's with HID, and his is significantly better (no lags, almost no latency in the inputs, where my mapping with key combos does not register everything properly in Clone Hero).

      Best regards,


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        Does this issue affect Catalina as well? If I try installing the Virtual Joystick kernel extension in the preferences, I'm prompted for my password, but the box immediately becomes un-checked. If I monitor this in the Protokol app, it appears as though the extension initializes and then immediately exits as soon as any input is received from the gamepad.

        Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 9.26.37 AM.png