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Help with midi button to switch OSCulator template

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  • Help with midi button to switch OSCulator template

    i'm new here
    I'm using a APC mini, and i'm using faders for a light console(DMXIS).
    I only got 9 faders on it.

    I want to put on a button a way to change the template in the OSCulator.
    So i could use my faders to channel 1 to 9 in template1, 10 to 18 in template 2.. etc..

    Can you help me?

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    Hi QuenditRaton,

    You can use the Mappings feature.
    Each mapping handles a different set of events for received messages.

    In the menu at the top, click on the left part and create a new mapping.

    There are events that let you activate a mapping relatively (previous / next), or absolutely (by name).

    Let me know if you need more information.



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      Hi QuenditRaton,

      I did the same on my APCMini.

      Assuming you want use the shift button:
      Press shift button on controller and create a template for note on event, name it (shift_btn) and select and active OSC message (down on the template map)
      Press it again and a new event named shift_btn will appear on your event monitor. Select the "change mapping" event and choose the alternate mapping you want to use.
      Create the 2nd/3rd/4th... template
      in every template assign the fader to the value you need to perform action on your DMX software. Assing also the shift_btn to change again your mapping to the next.
      Do this for all the mapping you want to use it and in the last template you must select the first template.
      Doing this youìll be able to switch to multiple mapping of your entire APCMini faders and buttons.

      Hoping to help you.