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Wiimote with OSCulator inside Blender (using AddRoutes) CGI software?

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  • Wiimote with OSCulator inside Blender (using AddRoutes) CGI software?

    Hello, I'm sorry to say that I am completely new to OSCulator so please bear with me...
    I am really struggling to configure OSCulator to communicate with the Blender CGI platform and hope someone can help!

    I have successfully used TouchOSC to affect attributes within Blender in real time, which is incredible, so when I learned that OSCulator could take a Wiimote's input and send OSC messages my head exploded with the possibilities.

    Using the TouchOSC app on an iPad, and a MacBook Pro running Catalina, with Blender (and the AddRoutes plug-in) works really well to manipulate characters and attributes in real time but I think a Wiimote would open up so many more performance possibilities and potential...

    Has anyone tried this and been able to get OSCulator to send messages to Blender? If so, would you mind sharing your insight and specifically the settings you found to work!!?

    Thanks in advance!