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Working with MIDI Note With Params automatic note-off

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  • Working with MIDI Note With Params automatic note-off

    Hi all,

    I’m somewhat new to Osculator, and am using it to communicate between a program I’m writing and my MIDI devices. I have a MIDI Note With Params event set up so that my program can play notes on a MIDI device. The params are just the pitch and velocity of the note, and it’s working... sort of.

    My program is set up to send a single message at the time of note-on and then a single message at the time of note-off. However, I noticed that, when I send a note-on, Osculator then sends a note-off message without any prompting. I read the documentation and realized that this is because Osculator’s MIDI Note With Params automatically sends a note-off when the velocity falls below .5.

    I have two questions about this:
    1. As designed, is the idea that I should keep sending my note params over and over to keep the level above .5? Is there some good target for the frequency of sending these to make sure the velocity doesn’t fall below .5 and trigger Osculator to send a note-off?
    2. Is it possible to disable or work around this function and just send a MIDI note-on without this automatic note-off functionality?

    Thanks very much!

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    Dear largorithm,

    I believe there just a minor confusion about how the velocity is driven in the context of MIDI Note With Params:
    Velocity is set by the "Note Param / Velocity" event.
    Note-On or Note-Off is set by the numerical argument of the message that is assigned the MIDI Note With Params. This argument is also called the trigger: if it is over 0.5, the note is triggered on, under 0.5 the note is off.

    Does that make sense?