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  • iPad as a mouse

    I am wanting to use my iPad as controls for a 360 video for an installation I am doing next week.

    You can see how the app works in the screen cap attached..

    I have it somewhat working with touchOSC and relative mouse positions for x and y but it is not perfect.

    I found some other posts about using the iPad as a track pad but when I loaded them I got port in use errors for some reason.

    I also have no idea how to implement the "pinch to zoom" feature as I cannot find a pinch option in touchOSC.

    I found another iOS that does seem to support pinch though.

    I am hoping I could connect that to the scroll wheel in OSCulator.

    As you can tell, I'm new to all of this and would love any help as my show is in less than a week.



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    Dear Phil,

    I understand you want to be able to pinch on your iPad, send an OSC message to OSCulator that it can interpret in order to execute a scroll wheel event.

    I tried Syntien, and fair enough it recognizes pinch events, but the way it works is not fully satisfying.

    If you want to test the attached file try the following :
    - Open OSCulator file attached, make sure no other OSCulator window listens on port 8000.
    - Open Syntien on your iPhone or iPad, and set it up in order to output OSC messages to your computer's IP address on port 8000.
    - Move your mouse over a page that you can scroll into, like a Wikipedia article.
    - Run the Touchpad template of Syntien in order to send messages to OSCulator: when you pinch in or out, Smooth Scroll Wheel Y events are synthesized.

    Now, I don't know how the visuals on your computer can be zoomed in and out. Can it be done using scroll wheel event? Or actual touchpad pinch/zoom events? Unfortunately OSCulator is no able to synthesize latter events, only basic mouse events like move mouse, clicks, and scroll wheel.

    Maybe OSCulator is not the best tool for this job. Have you considered something that is actually designed to make your iPad act as a touchpad for your computer?

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      Thanks camille
      I will try that later... Do you know of any other apps that would use the iPad as a touchpad?




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        camille after further research I decided to use an app that's only role was to convert the iPad to a touch pad... It's not as custom as I would hope but will work great for my show.

        Thanks again.



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          Hi, I'm new here, I didn't know you could do that.