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Logic Pro won't open osculator.bundle

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  • Logic Pro won't open osculator.bundle

    Hey everybody!

    I'm running MacOS Big Sur 11.6.1
    Logic 10.7.4
    Osculator (trial version) 3.4.3

    Trying to install the Osculator plugin bundle for Logic Pro

    I have copied the .bundle file into both directories (had to create the MIDI Device Plug-ins folders in both locations) as listed in the README instructions.

    I am NOT getting prompted by Logic with the "new OSC device discovered" message.

    I have gone into System Preferences, Security & Privacy, General - and clicked "allow anyway"

    in Logic, when I attempt to add the Osculator control surface manually and Logic scans its directory, I get the message "Logic cannot open osculator.bundle because apple cannot scan it for malicious software"

    What am I missing?

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    Hi Zack,

    Unfortunately, Logic Pro 10.7 and newer removed support for Control Surface plugins. It seems there is a Lua based API but I have not found the documentation that explains how to use it.



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      Awwww bummer! Hmmm, do you think there's any way to roll back Logic to a Previous version? Also.. I'm using TouchOSC currently (only midi) as my control surface??

      So how is that possible if Logic has removed Control Surface plugins?


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        Logic has built in support for TouchOSC. I guess they rewrote the Control Surface plug-in to work with the new Lua based system.

        As long as you have the executable, there is nothing that prevents you from running two versions of Logic. Now… I can’t tell you how to download a previous version!


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          Oh right! that makes sense. Thank you Camille for your response.

          In case you might have any ideas - here is what i'm trying to accomplish...

          I'd like to have feedback to my TouchOSC ipad, for when fader volume levels change in Logic

          I'm using Qlab to send MIDI CC info to Logic to achieve smooth transitions of faders for our service

          I'd like for Logic to update the iPad control surface faders when this happens

          Thank you again!



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            Hey Camille! Just making sure my understanding is correct.

            Basically, with Logic 10.7, there isn't a way to have Logic send out OSC because it cannot handshake with a control surface profile in order to specify OSC input and output ports?

            Is there not a way to choose the supported hexler Logic OSC profile and still have that send OSC info to TouchOSC ?


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              Hi Zack,

              In Logic 10.6 and older, Control Surface plug-ins were used to communicate with custom hardware, making it possible to control Logic with external devices. In more recent version, Apple made it possible to send and receive OSC messages via those plug-ins. The way those plug-ins were made was poorly documented and rather complex to code.

              In Logic 10.7, it is now possible to interact with Logic using an interpreted language (Lua). It is equivalent yo Control Surface plug-ins, but supposedly easier to specify.

              TouchOSC is still able to interact with Logic because Apple officially supports the integration.

              The OSCulator plug-in for Logic was designed to expose Logic’s Control Surface as OSC messages via OSCulator. In order to support this feature with Logic 10.7 onwards, it is now required to write a new plug-in based on the Lua programming interface.

              I hope this clarifies your questions!


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                Hey Camille!

                Yes this clarifies my questions! Thank you!

                OK so now, I have installed Logic Pro 10.6.3 - (I still have Logic 10.7 installed as well, but am using 10.6)

                I have uninstalled and reinstalled the OSCulator.bundle in the right directories
                • ~/Library/Application Support/MIDI Device Plug-ins
                  • /Library/Application Support/MIDI Device Plug-ins

                and also have removed the TouchOSC control surface profile from Logic (at least I think I have..? I deleted it from the Setup menu...)

                open Logic, THEN Osculator (I load the OSCulator file included in the download)

                and after following the Readme, I still cannot get Logic to prompt me w/ the expected message "Logic Pro has detected a new OSC device named "computer:8000 (OSCulator)", which is supported by the control surface plug-in "OSCulator."

                any ideas?




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                  I THINK I FIGURED IT OUT!!

                  Not sure if this was required but, I deleted the current ~/Library/Preferences/ file

                  Then reopened Logic and, under Control surface setup, I chose Automatic Installation, and THEN it detected OSCulator plugin, hopefully it works now!