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Handling two SpaceNavigator controllers

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  • Handling two SpaceNavigator controllers

    I have two SpaceNavigators in different parts of my studio. One is wireless, the other isn't. Depending on what order the Mac recognized them on startup, the wireless could be assigned as sp/1 & wired as sp/2 OR vice versa. Since I want both controllers to do the same functions, this means I have to duplicate all the routings for each event from one device to the other. Unfortunately, OSCulator doesn't seem to have the capability to copy/paste across devices. Is this something that could be added in the future?

    Ideally, I would like to select all the routings for one sp/1 and make a duplicate but using sp/2.

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    Hi Karl,

    There are solutions, albeit a bit tedious.
    Given that the SpaceNavigator does not produces tons of differents messages, you can always make your changes two times. I don't know how often you change settings, so I can't tell if this is acceptable or not.

    Otherwise, simply create an OSC routing for each message you are interested in, and choose the OSC target "L" (meaning local), and assign each event to both sp/1 and sp/2 incoming messages. This way, you will have both space navigators sending to the same, centralized, set of messages.