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  • OSCulator & Leap Motion

    Greetings. My first post. I've done a quick search for posts on the Topic title -- Leap Motion with OSCulator. There are not very many and they are quite old.

    Is there anything going on now or recently integrating OSCulator and Leap Motion? In particular I'm curious about applications that connect it to OSC capable DAWs and that can be used to modulate plugins for immersive or 3-d audio. A particularly interesting example would be Reaper, Cubase, Ableton or Bitwig hosting dearVR Pro to handle azimuth, distance, and elevation parameters either in real-time or for writing automation lanes.

    To give you an example, here is a YouTube video made by Michael Wagner covering how to connect an iOS phone to a Max4Live Ambisonic environment called Envelop. (He thinks the phone app is too expensive; I tend to agree -- particularly since I'd probably have to buy a new phone to run the code.)

    Join my Discord Server: Controller by Sound Particles: 4 ...

    One of the hurdles seems to be with Leap Motion itself: if I'm not mistaken their API code does not run on the latest version of MacOS. Windows support for these types of applications seems to be stronger. But I'm not going back.

    Thanks for any pointers or suggestions. ...edN