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GrandMA 3 OSC trigger

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  • GrandMA 3 OSC trigger

    Hey there,

    Loving the software!

    I'm trying to send the following command

    /cmd "Go+ Sequece 1 Cue <arg0>"

    So the whole bit in the quotations needs to be the argument, the issue is i cant seem to send that as a single argument.

    It will break it up in to separate arguments or if i copy paste it in the <arg0> does not work as a variable.

    Any suggestions?



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    Hi Chris,

    Unfortunately, OSCulator does not support building strings as you suggested.

    How many possible "arg0" values are there?

    The OSC message arguments editor has a special syntax that lets you use parentheses to describe a list of arguments, for example the argument:


    Would result in the string "a", "b" or "c" sent depending on the given numerical value.
    The value must be specified in the interval 0 to 1, but you can scale it in the "Scalings Page" by specifying what should be the input min and max values.

    Attached is an example of this.

    Please note that the OSC message argument editor is not very convenient. In order to specify the given syntax, you have to copy and paste it.
    In a text editor, write the list you would like to use for example:

    (Go+ Sequence 1 Cue 1,Go+ Sequence 1 Cue 2,Go+ Sequence 1 Cue 3)

    Then copy the string, and paste it in the editor:

    It results in the proper OSC argument token.

    Let me know if you need more details.

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