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How to control 2 programs (Logic & Totalmix) with OSC?

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  • How to control 2 programs (Logic & Totalmix) with OSC?

    I'm trying to setup OSC to control Logic 9 and Totalmix. So far I've only been able to control 1 at the time or the messages are sent to both software. Any idea?

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    You should use the Duplicate command found in the Edit menu.
    Select the message, and press Command-D.
    See page 16 of the manual for more information.

    Best Regards,


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      Thank you for the reply.
      What I'm trying to do is to control them separately. So if I use the "Duplicate" function, OSC sends the message to both program. For instance, CC7 would control something different in both program. How can I make a command respond specifically to 1 program only? thanks.


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        Sorry, I'm a bit comfused, in your first post you said that you were able to control one at a time.

        I am to sure to totally understand your question, but what I guess is that both programs are receiving MIDI message from the default "OSCulator Out" output.

        Note that you can not select a specific MIDI output on a per message basis.
        Do you need to control Logic and Totamix from a single OSC input?
        If this is not a requirement, you could first create two IAC buses (in Audio MIDI Setup), then open two OSCulator windows, and configure the MIDI outputs to only the respective IAC bus (done in the Parameters window, I/O tab).

        Would that work for you?


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          Sorry if I'm not being very clear. Basically, I'm trying to control Logic and Totalmix from one iPad.Is it possible then? Thanks


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            I don't see how you could do that unless you modify Logic's environment, which is not easy.
            The problem is the following: by default, Logic picks-up any MIDI input so if you try to split OSCulator's output for example by using MIDI Pipe and send it to two new virtual MIDI ports, then you're stuck because Logic will receive MIDI messages two times, and that's not to be desired.

            I also tried an hybrid MIDI / OSC solution where I used the OSCulator Plug-in for Logic Pro to control Logic on one hand, and another application with MIDI on the other hand. Unfortunately Logic was receiving OSCulator's MIDI and that was expected.

            I think the only way to cleanly do that is to use two computers, one running Logic, the other running Totalmix, run OSCulator on both machines, and setup one OSCulator instance to forward OSC messages to the other one.


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              I finally managed to find a way to make it work, using 1 iPad controlling Totalmix and Logic, by not using the same CC. Then, I've followed the tutorial to setup faders and mute to control the mixer in Logic but can OSC work like a Mackie Control by banking faders to access more or do you need to create 1 fader per Audio track? Many thanks.


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                Hello Luc,

                The best way to do this would be to use the OSCulator Plug-in for Logic Pro. This enables you to use Logic-Pro as a control surface using OSC messages. This is a work in progress, but you should be able to get the desired result, feel free to ask if you need help.




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                  Hi Camille,

                  I finally got round to download the OSCulator Plug-in for Logic and i followed the setup procedure but something doesn't seem to be working. Osculator receives messages from the iPhone but they don't seem to affect logic. Any idea? Thanks.


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                    Hi Luc,

                    You have to map the messages from TouchOSC to Logic and back.
                    There is an example of such configuration in the package you downloaded.
                    Also, there is a dictionary of ready-made OSC Routings to ease the configuration.
                    Don't forget to read the README file as it contains important information.



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                      There are a couple of files I'm not sure what to do with in the package. "Logic Pro OsculatorDictionary.oroute", and "README - OSCulator Plug-in for Logic".
                      Also, every time I start Logic I get this error message:
                      OSC device "Luc Saint-Martin’s Mac Pro:8000
                      (OSCulator)" uses Port 8000 which is already used by OSC device "Luc Saint-Martin’s Mac Pro:8000 (OSCulator)".Enter a different incoming port in the network settings of "Luc Saint-Martin’s Mac Pro:8000 (OSCulator)"


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                        I Finally worked out how to make it work. Great stuff! Is there a way to record enable (arm) the tracks from the "tracks" level? It seems the command is only available from the "track" only level? Thanks again for everything.


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                          Hi Luc,

                          Sorry for the late answer.
                          I am not exactly sure if it is already supported in the current version of the plugin.
                          Please let me check and come back to you asap, most probably early next week.