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  • TouchOSC -ableton live arm track

    Hey. I have been trying to sort this out for a few days but am at a loss.

    I am trying to map a few toggles to arm tracks in ableton live.

    I can't get a toggle (in touchosc) to correctly arm a track, ie. when the toggle is on, the track is armed, but when it is off the track is disarmed.

    I have set up a layout to control the looper plugin in ableton live. As you can see in the attachment I have been using a button to arm the track but this gives me no indication as to what track is armed. I would much prefer to use a toggle as on the left.

    Hope someone can help.



    Ableton Live Looper.oscdtouchosc setup.jpg

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    Well, as always just after you ask for help, you figure something out that works.

    When I changed the TouchOSC layout for the toggle to send value range 1-1 instead of 0-1 then it works perfectly.

    But why? Could anyone shed any light as to why this happens? Very confused at the moment.




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      Hi Dan,

      I found Ableton Live behavior regarding arming a track a bit weird.
      At least it is different from what you'd normally expect.

      When you control a track's mute button, you can use a toggle button and all works fine. Ableton sends its feedback to OSCulator, and OSCulator routes the message back to the iPad.

      But the arm button is different. If you try with a push button you will notice that the track arm state changes when you press and release the push button. So, if you use a toggle button in TouchOSC, you will have to press it twice to see the change, which explains why you had to set both min and max values to 1: every time you press the toggle button you send the same value that actually changes the track arm state.

      This track arm state also has the problem that it does not send a feedback to MIDI when it is enabled or disabled. For me this looks like a bug, but it could also be due to an historical way of doing to support older controllers...



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        Hello Cam,
        ..some years later... I also want to send track arm/unarm messages to live from a python script. Do I need to send two messages both with the value '1' to osculator? or does scaling the output message in Osculator do the trick? Well I have tried all of this but the best case is that new tracks are armed additional to the armed tracks. But I'd like to toggle between the armed tracks.

        Any idea how this could word?
        thank you