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SN - Logic Pro - OSCulator must be front running app?

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  • SN - Logic Pro - OSCulator must be front running app?

    Cam, and all,

    I have been working on getting SN to work with logic Pro and have found 2 ways of communication - I think

    1. OSCulator - assign a 'Key Combo' in the 'event type' set 'Value' (create your new key combination)

    - -However - I have noticed Logic will only recieve messages from OSC when OSC is the front running app - (ie: if I click with the mouse into Logic I loose control with SN have to then 'cntrl-tab' back to OSC to get control again - workable but really need to be able to use mouse/SN combo

    2. use Controller Assignments in LOgic to assign the input message. I have seen other posts talking about this but I am having a hard time following and figuring this out. I HOPE this method allows direct input from SN to Logic regardless of front running app.

    -Any insight Cam.


    Logic Pro 8

    G5 dual 2.0

    Motu 896

    Motu micro express

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    Hello ellalfight,

    For the Key Combo solution, have you tried to "direct" the key command specifically to Logic?

    To do this, open the Parameters window and select "Logic Pro" in the "Default Target" popup (bottom of the window).

    That should send the key presses directly to Logic instead of the foremost application.

    For the second solution, the MIDI Control Changes, this is not so difficult.

    The steps are:
    1. In OSCulator configure your Space Navigator with MIDI CC events. You have to choose MIDI CC events that match the ones that are in the General MIDI spec. For example, if you want to control a volume fader, use MIDI CC 7.
    2. in Logic, move and fader you want to control (for example) and press Command-L (Learn Mode)
    3. use your SN to let Logic learn the new CC.

    I would suggest you use Key command as it is the simpler method.

    You should normally be able to send them to Logic even if OSCulator is not the foremost app.



    PS: I just tried OSCulator 2.8.2 and Logic Pro 8.0.2 and it works well even if I don't set Logic as the Default Target for key presses ?