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  • Kontrol X1 LED Feedback

    Hello guys! New member here.

    So, I've been using and trying some things on OSCulator and it's amazing but there are some things I just can't do.

    The thing is, I want to control different parameters on my Kontrol X1 (using its 8 knobs)... To do this, I assigned 8 different buttons to change between presets to control different things.

    Two things I can't figure out how to do:

    1. I'm not getting LED feedback on my X1. I don't know how to do it. It's MIDI -> OSCulator -> MIDI again. I just don't know how to light them up. Maybe the MIDI routing is incorrect on my preferences?

    2. I'd like to get LED feedback depending on the preset I am. So, if I click button x, it changes to preset x (this I got) and lights up the x button until I change to another preset (even if I click on it more than 1 time).

    Is that possible?
    Thank you in advance guys.

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    Welcome to this forum!

    1. MIDI to MIDI feedback is not automatically configured on OSCulator, you will have to assign MIDI events (CC, Note, Prg, etc.) by yourself. Make sure that you use different MIDI channels to avoid confusion between different devices (OSCulator merges all active input and output MIDI ports).
    Also you can check that OSCulator is set-up to receive MIDI from your Kontrol X1. Open the Parameters Window, go to the I/O tab and see if the MIDI port for the Kontrol X1 is checked in the "Selected active MIDI inputs".

    2. I'm sorry, I fear I don't understand your question very well. Do you mean to turn LEDs on, depending on the preset currently active? If yes, then you should have a look at the option "Send preset info when presets are restored" in the Preset toolbar menu (see page 28 in the User's Manual).