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  • Digital Performer Layout

    Hi there!. Somebody knows where can I find a layout for Digital Performer?. If not, how can I build a layout, I mean, wich messages I need to write on osc editor to control fader, pan pot, mute, solo, etc parameters?. Thanks a lot in advance...


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    Hey frank,
    Unfortunately DP isn't as integrated as some other apps like Ableton or Traktor. You would have to attach MIDI controllers to fader and pan for each track in your mixer, and you would have to do that every time and newly created tracks in DP will not automatically show up in your template. But there are other really cool things you can do and Im working on another version of my DP template.


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      DP has a OSC based interface, but you need to use OSC over TCP to address it (OSCulator supports TCP since version 2.11).

      I have no access to DP so I never had the possibility to try it but I remember it was just a little bit weird in terms of design. Any way, it would be interesting to experiment with it.


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        I can get DP to do a lot of things but I was specifically addressing channel/mixer info like fader/mute/solo/record/pan..things like that that i believe you can access in Live but for the life of me I cant figure out how to do it in DP. If anybody knows this secret handshake please please please drop some hints.