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Playing Midi Notes in Ableton from OSCulator

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  • Playing Midi Notes in Ableton from OSCulator

    Hi - I am using the leap motion with OSCulator and Ableton. I've successfully broadcast MIDI CC to Ableton to control things like sliders and dials with the MIDI mappings, but I now want to experiment with playing midi notes. I'm just not sure how to configure OSCulator to broadcast those notes (or how to set up Ableton to receive them).

    In OSCulator, I have the different fingers ranged from 0 to 1 input min/max, with an output min/max from- to 127. I've tried all kinds of event types, seems like MIDI note should work(?) - and for the value I've chosen different notes (C#), channel velocity, etc, but nothing works.

    In ableton, input osculator out track and remote are both on in preferences. I have a basic drum kit instrument set in my MIDI track 2, and if I turn on keyboard, I can play MIDI notes with the keyboard. But I can't receive anything from OSCulator. Anybody have any ideas?