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  • Monome users + resolume users

    Get happy !!!! Ive just figured out the way to connect as it should monome with resolume avenue with visual feedback since implementation of osc out in latest version.

    I will be posting a walktrhrough soon, that will help all monome users (regardless the software you are trying to control, just replacing avenue´s parameters to other software´s will do, every implementation will be different). its been days and days through the years paid off.

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    Cool, please do, I'm sure it will be very useful!


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      So here it is.

      My goal was to map any value in resolume and have visual feedback with monome through osculator. What im doing in this example at least at the beginning is to have the first 3 rows of monome, mapped to the 3 default layers in resolume so i can trigger clips as i i had a keyboard. Other buttons / knobs /sliders will be implemented afterwards.

      The first thing to do is run monome´s server. i´ve never been able to work with serialosc properly so im using old MonomeSerial instead. Connect your monomeMy monome 64 uses 40hz as prefix. So fist setting up ports . For this example HOST 7001, LISTEN 7000

      Second, a layout for monome in osculator should be created: this can be very tricky. FIrst the ports, for this example Osculator will be receiving in 7001. Press 0,0 (top left button) in monome and it shows only one location (regardless of which button is pressed) as if it had only one button...(with values 0, 1, 2) so location has to be DEMUXED. So.. click on the first value (0) , and go EDIT/DEMUX, and start pressing all buttons in TOP ROW a row/column, this will create one dimension of buttons (0,0 to 0,7) will be displayed in the locations in OSculator (from 0 to 7) but thats it, we now have only one dimension set up so it needs to be demultiplexed again to get the other dimension.. heres the tricky part, Click on 0 Value of upper location and go EDIT/DEMUX and now press ALL buttons in firts column in monome; then click on 0 value of second location (0,2 [0]) and press all buttons in SECOND column of monome, then click on 0 value of third location (0,3 [0]) and press all buttons of monome´s third column... and so on.....

      You´ll end up with a basic Osculator monome layout ready to use. Screen+shot+2010-11-24+at+5.50.07+PM.png
      This procedure is the same for ANY software that wants to be connected to monome.

      Now time to setup Resolume.. For this example im using INPUT 8000, OUTPUT 7001. At least for toggle buttons bundles can be on or off.

      Go to MAPPING/edit application osc map. this will highlight osc map AND will create in osculator a BIG list of ALMOST ALL possible osc commands in your application (even though we havent pressed anything) Your monome commands will be on top and all resolume´s in the bottom part, youll notice the difference) . When in last phrase i say almost all is because <VERY IMPORTANT> osc address of A/V Clips connect havent been created, you need first to load material or click on all visible clips for resolume to create LayerX/ClipX/Connect messange (this is made outside osc mapping).

      For the following step it is supposes to be done one by one but after you realize how this works you can just copy/paste and edit values very easily.

      In osculator settings, create your TARGETS . One will be to monome (or any other controller.. by this point you should have a similar layout for your controller, maybe an akai) and the other to Resolume (or any other software that receives/sends OSC) . Be aware of bot listen ports configured before, those are the ports that will be used in osculator targets. LABEL everything with memos. i can dare to say its absolutely necessary.


      Then you have to create ROUTES (above picture) For monome, youl have to create one line for every button you will be lighting up. each one will need its coordinate plus a ALL ARGS token... remember to set up target properly.

      As well actions for software will be created, for the example i used only 24 osc commands layer1, 2 and 3 with 8 clips each . This can be routed to any button command at last within resolume.

      Last two steps is to do the mapping itself. First MONOME to RESOLUME action.

      Press the button you want to use in the monome, and see it should be blinking in yellow, in event type go to OSC Routing, in value go to the list of Routes and select the corresponding software action. remember to set up the target (tip: all going will have an index, all coming, another number. LABEL your stuff) . if everything went well blinking will turn from yellow to green.

      And theeeen?

      then we want the visual feedback.

      We go to the bottom part where resolume´s osc messages are stored. Select the action you want , should be the same as the one sent in last routing from monome.

      Repeat .

      Remember everything can be routed to something else, and resolume replaced for other software that runs similar with osc. probably thhis walkthrough will work for other grid hardware as well. hope it helps, iths just the minimun needed, i will some time be working with other sort of buttons (for now i will be using sliders and knobs with other harware for my vjset) for this example they are not actual toggles, but they show when a clip is connected, but everything can be figured out. it looks cool when using new autopilot feature, everything blinks with the composition and is incredibly fast. havent tried it wireless though.

      thanks to camille for the fast help and pacience. this was a kinda forgotten project y just brought back to life... and improved. will have some footage @ home and at a gig soon. last , sorry about the grammar, english as a second language.

      hope someone out there will find this helpfull. greetings to everybody
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