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  • MIDI to OSC?

    Hello all-

    I have a Korg Nano Kontrol, and I'd like to convert its MIDI signals into OSC. From there I'd like to use flosc or Oscar to route the signals into Adobe Flash.

    I'm having trouble configuring Osculator to accept the device's MIDI input. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Hi Andy,

    To do that, you must be able to send the MIDI data produced by the Nanokontrol to OSCulator.

    For this, you will need another software that will enable that routing. I would recommend either MIDI Patchbay ( or MIDI Pipe (

    Best Regards,



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      Apologies for posting in a month-old thread, but I just want to clarify -- using either MIDI Patchbay or MIDI Pipe in combination with OSCulator I'll (somehow) be able to recognize that input in Flash? Is there any help for this anywhere? I don't really need "real" MIDI data, all I want to know is "did I hit a key and if so, which one?" on my m-audio keystation. Thanks so much!


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        Hi !

        Here's a recipe on how you can filter MIDI keyboard input :

        - Configure MIDI Patchbay to send the physical MIDI input where your keyboard is connected to the virtual input of OSCulator.

        - Play a note on the keyboard, it should register in OSCulator's main window.

        - Select the "pitch" row, do Edit->Demux, play a note again

        - You should see the /midi/note message demutiplexed into individual notes.

        - Go in the Parameters Window, and configure the OSC routing you want (OSC Hosts tab). Typically your Flash OSC server should listen on port 9000, and the OSC routing in OSCulator should be localhost:9000 (if the Flash OSC server is running on the same computer, obviously). Edit the OSC routings with the target address you want.

        - Now, you can bind a "OSC Routing" event to the trigger argument of each MIDI Note. That mean that anytime a specific MIDI Note is played, the trigger message will be sent as an OSC message to your Flash OSC server.

        While this is not straightforward, it is not very complicated.

        Feel free to ask for me details if you need.




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          Cool! I'm not ready to try this yet, but I will be in the near future. Thanks!


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            this answered my question to running ableton live midi to osculator to a standalone VST keyboard patch