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Re-Writing OSC Message for NetLabs MediaControl

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  • Re-Writing OSC Message for NetLabs MediaControl

    Sorry if this is to a basic question but I have not see any documentation example on the Handbook.

    I need to re-write the OSC message coming from TouchOSC for use with NetLab Media control

    the message needs to be in the format:

    /mediacontrol/dmxoutput/data xx yy

    where xx is the DMX channel and yy is value from 0 - 255

    I managed to use the scaling feature (although hidden and not documented) so I can get the message to look like

    /1/fader2 125.0000

    I need to convert it to

    /mediacontrol/dmxout/data 2 125

    I can "hard code" each fader in TouchOSC to correspond to a DMX channel.

    The "mediacontrol", "dmxout" and "data" portions of the outgoing message will not change the 2 can be hard coded and will correspond to the fader and the 125 is the scaled fader value.

    help please

    Gil V.

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    Hi Gil,

    You were close, and the scaling is first step.
    Now you need to create a OSC routing that will rewrite the address and change the arguments.
    • Open the Parameters Window, and go to the "OSC Hosts" tab.
    • Add a new OSC routing, by clicking the + sign on the lower left of the window
    • Change "localhost" and 9000 to whatever host and port you need to use for the DMX bridge, or use it if you find it convenient
    • Select the line, and click on the "pen" button, located lower left, this will display the OSC routing editor
    • Change the target OSC address to /mediacontrol/dmxout/data
    • In the target arguments, type the number 2 on your keyboard, followed by a space. This will create a token with the number 2 inside. (by default 2 will be sent as an integer. You can change it to a string or a float if you hover your mouse on it, and display the contextual menu associated to that token.)
    • Drag the 'All Args' token after the '2'. This will appends the others args to that rewritten message. You could also drag the 'f:arg[0]' token which will write the first argument in place of the token. This would have in essence the same effect since TouchOSC messages have only one message (expected the X/Y pad which has two)
    • Close the routing editor, and close the Parameters window (click OK)
    • Locate the message you want to rewrite, select "OSC Routing" as Event Type, and "localhost:9000 -> /mediacontrol/dwxout/data (2, all args)" as the Value. You can make the column larger to see every parameters correctly.

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      Thanks Camille

      That worked very well.

      Now to tame the NetLab beast.

      Gil V.