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Mainstage to Cuemix via OSC

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  • Mainstage to Cuemix via OSC

    hi, i play keys with a progressive rock guy and we run mainstage on a macmini for live sounds, synths, organs, french horns, all you might imagine a prog guy might want from his keyboard player.

    we have a motu 828 mk3 hybrid soundcard which has a software front end called Cuemix, we are using the reverb in the motu and i wish to be able to change the reverb time, on stage, without touching a mouse or keyboard,

    Cuemix will not accept midi cc messages, but it can work with OSC, for example MOTU have released a TouchOSC layout for it.

    So i want to be able to send some MIDI data from mainstage, that gets converted into OSC data that Cuemix can see and respond to.

    Can The OSCulator do that for me?

    thanks in advance for your thoughts x

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    Hi Robbie,

    It is possible to control some aspects of CueMix FX via MIDI, but you have to use the HUI protocol and it is not well documented.
    I would love to give you more information on how to setup OSCulator to translate MIDI messages to OSC messages suitable for CueMix FX but I can't find the OSC protocol documentation. Do you have a link or documentation page?



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      thanks for your reply Camille, it seems "not well documented" covers both the HUI protocol and the OSC protocol, i have a TouchOSC layout that MOTU made and the PDF document that accompanies it, but neither of these is the OSC protocol documentation, i downloaded them here , within a zipped archive, my interface is a mk3,

      i could also send them to you if you think you can help and that they might help, don't know how within this forum but pop me an email and i'll send one back with them.

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        Thanks Rob, so I have access to these files.

        You will notice that MOTU says "Controlling CueMix from an iPad using TouchOSC" and not "Controlling CueMix from the OSC protocol" and so I believe the OSC protocol is unsupported, at least not before MOTU properly documents the protocol.

        Yan Pujante kindly provided me a link to the list of OSC messages automatically extracted from the TouchOSC templates:

        As you can see there is a bunch of messages, and their definition is not particularly pretty.

        Yan also posted a post on how to setup CueMix FX and OSCulator in order to remotely control the main volume button.