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Find this osculator version to map midi note to o/c

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  • Find this osculator version to map midi note to o/c

    Hi everyone,

    Running on MBP 10.9 I7 16GB RAM 256 840 PRO SSD and seven 64X Intel I7 4770 16GB DDR3 RAM MSI MPOWER MAX MSATA SSD FIREPRO & QUDRO FX CG

    I'm looking a way to map each midi note ( C0;C#1;D0;......) to an osc routing!
    I would like to send osc message to a pc with résolume arena 4 on it!!

    After a lot of time trying traduce (i m french) all post in this forum with "midi note in to osc" and don't find a way to succeed!
    i saw this vidéo ""
    The osculator version saw on the vidéo map each note of ableton live to resolume with osc routing!!
    The midi Note in a RED !!

    what his the way??

    IF there is a " special version i want to buy it please!!

    thanks a lot
    have a god one

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    So What's wrong with my post? you don't know how to do that or you juste don't give a funck ?

    it's so hard to say " no" or " wrong way to ask "

    just don't understand you purpose!



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      There is no place on this forum for this kind of tone, but I will answer for the sake of correctness.

      First of all, read the Resolume documentation and figure out what OSC messages it needs to receive. Then spend a minimum of time on this forum, or read the OSCulator manual to figure out how to deal with received MIDI note messages. Finally, you can try posting a relevant question again, using a spell checker, Google Translate or whatever you can find to make yourself understandable. Maybe then I will find pleasurable to use some of my time explain what you need to do.