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OSCulator not receiving OSC but other clients are

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  • OSCulator not receiving OSC but other clients are

    Hi, I'm very new to OSCulator so I hope you'll forgive a (potentially simple) question.

    I have a PC on my network sending out OSC. (The PC is running Windows 8.1, and is sending OSC using the Bespoke.OSC library, if that makes any difference.)

    I'm trying to receive this OSC on my Mac running OSCulator 2.13.2. When I start listening on port 8000, it simply does not see any OSC coming through. However, other apps on my Mac do receive OSC correctly - on the same port and also other ports. I've tried switching OSCuator to using other ports (3332, 3335, 8001, 8002, etc) but with no luck - OSCulator just refuses to see the incoming OSC. I've also turned on the "Try to map back incoming OSC" setting to see if that helped, but it made no difference either.

    If there are any suggestions, I would be very grateful!

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    Hi jdwns,

    When OSCulator input port is set to for example 8000, no other application can use that port for input on your computer. Which means that if another application is already using that port, OSCulator will not be able to receive any message. Likewise, if you set OSCulator to another port, then you need to update the settings of the application on your Windows machine so it sends messages to the desired host (your Mac) and port.

    Now, it may be that the source is not sending conforming OSC messages, they would be discarded by OSCulator. Is there by any chance space characters in the message names? This is a common source of error, and is easily fixed by replacing the white spaces by another character that is allowed by the OSC spec.

    The preference setting "Try to map back incoming OSC" is really useful when you need to setup automatic bi-directional OSC between two ends, with OSCulator in the middle.

    Please let me know if that helped.

    Best Regards,


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      Thanks for your help Cam.

      I can confirm that no other application is listening on the same port at the same time.

      I've also used multiple OSC clients (at different times) with the same OSC input, including ThrongOSCDeck, Processing, and others. All of them can receive the identical OSC I'm working with.

      I've confirmed that there are no spaces or other invalid characters in the address name.

      I do have some test cases I can send through if that's helpful. I recorded these using the ThrongOSCDeck sequencer. I have a sample OSC file which doesn't work in OSCulator - but then, if I change the incoming port that ThrongOSCDeck uses to a particular value, suddenly it starts working without any change to the OSC addresses or messages. This doesn't make any sense to me. I'm happy to send through the test files and instructions, if that will help to diagnose any issues with OSCulator.

      Thanks again for the reply.


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        I would very interested to try this test case.
        I have a small laptop running Windows XP if that matters.

        Thank you!