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Arduino Due & OSCulator => update frequency question

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  • Arduino Due & OSCulator => update frequency question

    I made a project where I use TouchOSC with faders and buttons to control an Arduino Due.
    Now I'm adding a Korg NanoKontrol2 USB MIDI device through Osculator, to create MIDI to OSC Bridge for extra hardware faders and knobs.
    All is working fine technically, but as soon as I move a fader on the MIDI panel.
    Way too many OSC commands are updated to the Arduino over the network , causing chokes and it keeps changing updates long after the fader has stopped moving.
    Is there any way in OSCulator to limit the amount of OSC output updates/sec?
    I updated the Arduino from Mega2560 to a Due, but it is still too many updates for the ARM processor hardware.

    Any help would be most appreciated.
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    Hi Marc,

    OSCulator does not offer speed limiting of messages.

    That said I have the intuition that the processing power of you device is not the issue. I made some projects before where a simple Arduino was able to handle a lot of data, but that obviously depends on what you do with the data. The NanoKontrol is most likely to emit message much slower compared to TouchOSC which has a fairly high rate of throughput. So I think that your device is blocking while processing messages from the NanoKontrol, and you should maybe have a look into that issue.



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      Thanks Camille for your answer,

      Moving multiple faders on the TouchOSC, the Arduino is handling fine.
      Using multiple faders on the MIDI -> OSC I see all data is pilled up sequentially. Cause fader by fader slowly all data gets through.
      I re-routed the OSC output of the OSCulator to the TouchOSC to see visible the MIDI faders.
      Also there, the TouchOSC has some trouble following the amount of data while using the faders.
      I guess there is no way to throttle the OSC output from OSCulator?