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  • Osculator OSC detection


    I'm trying the demo version of Osculator.
    I have a problem of connexion between Milluplug and Osculator.
    I created a cue in a Millumin's timeline loop in order to trigger an Apple Script in Osculator.
    Osculator receives and detects my OSC message but triggers ONLY one time. When the cue is reached a second time after the loop, nothing happens in Osculator.

    It seems to be a problem of interpretation by Osculator. It detects the message the first time but doesn't recognize the same message the second time.

    Capture d’écran 2015-05-12 à 18.00.37.jpg

    Do you have a solution for me ?
    Thank you in advance for your help.


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    Hi Aurélien,

    Have you tried to look at the signal?
    Just select the "/nonesd" message and press the Space key, a Quick Look window will appear.
    You should then be able to look at what happens.

    Basically, AppleScripts are triggered when the signal goes from 0 to 1. It seems that in you case, the message "/nonesd" has no argument, which mean that OSCulator will artificially do the trigger (0 to 1) automatically. Therefore I would think that the message is not sent again to OSCulator, which can be wrong, this is why I need a little more information about what happens.



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      Hi Camille,

      Thank you for your answer.
      I have recorded a video to explain my problem.
      In the first minute, i try to communicate with Osculator from Millumin. After, i open terminal to show you messages from Millumin.
      "Cue1" messages trigger ONLY one time, but "test" messages trigger EACH time. The messages seem to be different.
      Maybe Osculator doesn't like the syntax of "cue1" messages ??

      Do you need more informations ?



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        Hi Aurélien,

        This message is a bit weirdly formatted, as it has an argument but it never changes.
        So the message sent is always "cue ,f 1.0" (please bear in mind that "cue ,f 1.0" is just a notation).

        As I said, if the message has a float argument, OSCulator expects a value of 0.0 before re-triggering the AppleScript event.

        You can try the following hack (tested, it works):

        - in OSCulator main window, select the "cue" message,
        - choose Edit -> Demux, or hit Control-D,
        - the message turns purple, waiting for more OSC input,
        - send the "cue1" message again, you should see a new sub-message called "1", which is triggered everytime OSCulator receives the message "cue1 ,f 1.0"
        - attach your AppleScript event to this new sub-message.

        Let me know if that helps!



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          By the way, if you want to use a command-line tool to inspect a network stream of OSC messages, you can try oscdump that is included with liblo. If you use brew:

          $ brew install liblo
          $ oscdump 8000

          or you can also send messages

          $ oscsend localhost 8000 cue1 f 1.0


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            Thanks Camille ! It works with your "demux hack". My cue is triggered every time.
            This will help me a lot.



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              Fantastic, please let me know if you need any further help.
              PS: I realized that I posted a reply in the wrong thread! See just before in the discussion I have added an advice about command line tools and OSC...
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