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Osculator not parsing out Bundles correctly.....?

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  • Osculator not parsing out Bundles correctly.....?


    So I've been working on this project for awhile using an iPod touch running Liine's LEMUR to control a Behringer X32 Rack. Because the X32 can't accept bundles, I have to run LEMUR through OSCulator first (running on a 2010 MacBook Pro and using a Netgear WNDR3700V2 router).
    On Lemur I have several toggle buttons that each send 4 messages. Unfortunately, it seems that OSCulator is not sending the complete bundle of messages every time. I can usually tap the button repeatedly with perfect results, but when I take a 30 second pause and tap again, the majority of the messages are lost.

    I used WIRESHARK to monitor the OSC traffic. Attached below is what I got.
    If you look at the attached screenshot, the order of events are:
    Lemur on the iPod ( sends a bundle containing the 4 messages to
    Osculator on the Mac ( which breaks up the bundle and sends 4 individual messages to the X32 (

    As you can see in the beginning and toward the end there is a break up in the transmission where 3 out of 4 messages appear to be lost and instead the Mac and the X32 have ARP messages (I don't even know what those are).

    I am noob at most of this but I'm getting my head wrapped around a lot of it. However, this has me stumped. If anyone can help, please let me know what you think

    Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 10.45.55 PM.png
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    Hi Prokat99,

    ARP is the Address Resolution Protocol. It is like DNS but for ethernet interfaces.

    Here OSC runs on the UDP transmission protocol. Because UDP is a lossy protocol (messages can be thrown out), it seems that your router is taking the freedom of dumping some messages. What looks surprising though is the need to refresh the ethernet addresses in such short period of time.

    I would look if the WNDR3700V2 has a configuration option to make UDP less susceptible to message drop. I don't think that is possible though, so in the meantime I would test with another router to see if that makes any difference.



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      Hi Cam,

      I'll look into everything you mentioned. I've actually tried two different routers, this Netgear and a TP Link with the same results. I have a Motorola lying around that I'll try too.
      For the record, do you have a recommended router that doesn't have this issue?

      Looks ms like I have a lot to learn about network protocols


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        Well that's a bit embarrassing if you already tested with all those routers. I'm a bit surprised about this behavior though because I am pretty sure OSCulator has no problem decoding OSC bundles. Please send me your file to camille at osculator dot net, and I will try to replicate this. On a local network UDP message loss should not occur that easily...