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Osculator on one computer with multiple log-ins.

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  • Osculator on one computer with multiple log-ins.

    I run a music computer lab at Southeastern University. We purchased and downloaded Osculator on 10 computers. Many students use these computers and have their own log-ins. The problem is that Osculator is asking for a purchase on each different log-in even though it has been purchased (multiple sites) for each computer. Dozens of students may use the same computer but with their own log-in. It is unreasonable to require dozens of purchases for one computer. Is there a work around? Thank you.

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    Thank you so much for choosing OSCulator.

    You will have some admin work in order to solve this issue, but luckily there is a solution.

    Here are detailed instructions on how to activate a license on a computer using the command-line tool (included in OSCulator). The following instructions are for site-wide license deployment, not for your staff computers where obviously you can use the UI to activate your license.

    In order to use the command-line tool, you will need some basic knowledge on how to use the Terminal. I hope this is not a problem.

    Assuming OSCulator is installed in /Applications, the tool is located in:


    You can run it with no argument to display the usage options.
    The following examples assume that the current directory is set to the location of the tool.

    To activate a license for all users of the local computer:

    sudo ./oscltr-license-activator activate <name> <code> local

    Replace <name> and <code> with your license credentials. If the name has spaces in it, quote the name with double-quotes, as per shell escape rules. sudo is needed because you need administrator permissions to write in a subfolder of /Library.

    To deactivate a previously activated computer:

    sudo ./oscltr-license-activator deactivate

    I hope these instructions are clear enough, please don’t hesitate to ask for help.
    Also, if you need me to bulk deactivate your existing licenses, just let me know.

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