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Rewrite OSC-Address Using parts of the path as argument

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  • Rewrite OSC-Address Using parts of the path as argument

    I am trying to get an ETC EOS to talk to Ableton Live via OSC. Live listens to commands in the format /Scene <SceneNumberAsArgument>. ETC only sends out commands in the Format /eos/cue/1/1/fire (without argument).

    I want to use OSCulator to rewrite the ETC EOS Message to the format Live requires. Therefore I need to use the 4th part of the path as an argument for the message I forward to Ableton - is there a possibility to do that in OSCulator without doing it for every single cue..

    /eos/cue/1/<XXX>/fire ---> /Scene <XXX>
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    Hello Jonas,

    Unfortunately, OSCulator is not able to parse the incoming message address. This is an interesting use case, so I note it down as a feature suggestion.

    You will have to specify all OSC routes manually. How many of them do you have?



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      I see.. I have between 40-70 cues per show.. so yeah: a future implementation would be great!

      All the best,


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        +1 for using parts of the original address in the rewrite address to be able to format <address[2]>/cue/<address[3]>

        My use case is receiving active program switching from an ATEM switcher via atemOSC to trigger cues in QLab. The incoming osc /atem/program/1 1 would need to go out at /cue/Tally1/start where the 1 is derived from the last segment of the address. So /atem/program/3 1 triggers /cue/Tally3/start


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          +1 for this to, a lot of show equipment/light desks don't use argument's and Qlab and ETC desks are a great example of these.
          Would make me happy!


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            +1 Again. I am trying to trigger OSC devices from the scene recall on a DigiCo console for a musical. Looking at over 100 scenes that have to track across devices. The console sends the snapshot number it is recalling as part of the address, with an argument of 0. I need to extract that integer from the address to send as an argument to other devices.


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              To expand on the same or similar feature request, also working on a DiGiCo console where for example when a fader is moved, the console will send an OSC message of "/Input_Channels/1/fader 3.3534" or "/Input_Channels/1/mute 1". I would love to be able to have an event trigger by any message starting with "/Input_Channels/1" or just "/Input_Channels"