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Help please: Behringer X-Touch Mini, atemOSC, OSCulator, and BMD switcher

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  • Help please: Behringer X-Touch Mini, atemOSC, OSCulator, and BMD switcher

    I can't seem to get past the first few steps of setting my atem w/ the x touch mini. For example, I followed the same steps from a YouTube video to create the Cam 1 Program label but it won't show up in the "message" window. I pressed the first top button on the x touch mini controller, and in OSCulatar I hovered over the "on" midi note in the "monitor" window, selected "new midi template from selection," and followed the naming convention on my bmd switcher. Despite all this, I don't see Cam 1 Program as a unique midi event in the "message" window, all I see is the same midi events (even pressing different buttons I see the same midi events):
    0: patch
    1: velocity
    2: trigger?

    Please help

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    I/m having the same problem with the same equipment.

    The youtube seems to use an earlier V2 Osculator, not the newest V3 version.

    I got the fader to partly work, /atem/ but it does not complete, it only goes about 99% and sticks, it will reverse to zero.

    I would pay for support.

    I am also hoping to get a WORLDE EasyControl (9 faders) to control audio and need help there too.

    Thank you,


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      what you need is to "reveal" the notes hidden behind the pitch argument. To do that, select the pitch argument and choose "Edit -> Demux", then send MIDI notes again. OSCulator will now show the values received on the pitch argument and create sub-messages for each of them.


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        Hi, I think that could be the source of my problem. But how can I edit the Pitch Argument and Demux? Verion 3.4.3


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          Is it CTRL+D? I marked "0atch" and pressed CTRL+D. That worked!


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            You got it