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OSCulator Key Combo Not Triggering Keyboard Maestro

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  • OSCulator Key Combo Not Triggering Keyboard Maestro

    • Created a Keyboard Maestro macro using the key combo: Cntrl + Opt + Shift + CLEAR
      • This will trigger Logic pro to open the tempo list for now (I eventually will have the macro open the list, screenshot the list, and close the list)

    • Made button on Lemur to send OSC and be read by OSCulator
    • Set that button to be a Key Combo of: Cntrl + Opt + Shift + CLEAR
    • I press the button, nothing is triggered

    I see that signal is going on OSCulator but it does not seem to want to trigger on Keyboard Maestro.
    If I run/test the macro on Keyboard Maestro it works as intended, but I cannot seem to tell OSCulator to tell Keyboard Maestro to run.
    Currently when I press the button on Lemur and OSCulator reads it, my computer gives me feedback as an error message sound as if my computer reads that I'm doing something but it does not know what to do with that information lol.

    Any help will be much appreciated as I am now mentally drained trying to figure this out haha
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    When you hear the system bell, if means the key combo has been triggered but the system does not know what to do with it. Since the combo is registered in Keyboard Maestro as a "hotkey" (global key combo), I would try in OSCulator to change the Key Combo target to "Frontmost Application" instead of "Keyboard Maestro". If that does not work, I would try to see if Keyboard Maestro accept other kinds of triggers.

    Have you already been able to use Keyboard Maestro with OSCulator? If yes, maybe the use of the Clear key in the combo is the culprit, for some reason not all combos can be registered as hotkeys.

    Let me know how it goes. I'll be happy to have a try on my computer, just send your file to camille at osculator dot net.