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Can't add Osculator to Automator workflow

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  • Can't add Osculator to Automator workflow

    This might be a strange question, but still: I am trying to make a very simple workflow in Automator that opens Ableton Live, Selected Track Control (app for solo-ing and muting in Live) and Osculator, but for some reason Osculator is greyed out when I am trying to include it in a "Start application" event.

    Any idea why?

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    Hello oivindi,

    OSCulator can not be controlled by AppleScript events (it can however execute AppleScripts).

    Could you please describe what would like to do with Automator?



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      Hello, i have the same probleme as above.

      What i would like to do is to, every morning, launh some applications in an exact sequence

      Vienna ensemble Pro 64 bits version, 32 bits version (around 20 minutes to load these Sample templates) , OSculator, Logic Pro

      OSCulator must be launch before logic because of my environement in Logic, and osculator and logic must be launch after VePro

      Automator seems to be really nice to do that but he doesn't "see" OSCulator

      is it possible to use an Apple script ?

      i don't know how to do that, any idea ?

      Thanks a lot for your help


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        Hi David,

        OSCulator can not be controlled by AppleScript events (though it can send AppleScript events).

        However, like all applications it can be opened via AppleScript events.

        In Automator, type this in a script, and you will be able to launch OSCulator:

        launch application "OSCulator"


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          Hi Camille,

          Exactly what i m looking for

          Thanks a lot !!!!

          When you said that OSCulator can send appleScripts event, do you mean that i could launch VePro and Logic with OSCulator

          (i think the answer is "yes" :-) )


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            Hey David,

            Yes you could do that, in response for example to a button being pressed.

            But I'm not sure that's the way you would like to do that, regarding what you are trying to achieve. It makes good sense to launch everything from a single place, like an Automator script.


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              Thanks for your help,

              Yes, it would be better for me to make an Automator script and put it in my macpro startup items

              Tanks again !