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MIDI IN from DAW to multiple OSC Targets

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  • MIDI IN from DAW to multiple OSC Targets


    Got a problem with my TouchOSC setup. I've got multiple pages, some with the same parameter but in different combinations. E.g. On my /Mixer page i've got EQ-High-CH1, for example, and the same parameter is also on my 'CH1'page. The problem i'm having is that the midi feedback only seems to be affecting one of the TouchOSC controls at best.

    Is there a way to assign midi IN (CC/Note, etc) to multiple OSC target addresses (e.g. /midi/6/cc15 to /CH1/EQ-High-CH1 and /Mixer/EQ-High-CH1)? That way all the pages are in sync...



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    Hi Sunil,

    You are making a good point: presets kind of isolate the controls from one page to another.

    If you want to send a MIDI message to several OSC destinations, the only thing you need to do is to "duplicate" the message. Use Command-D to do that. Duplicate will sort of copy your message, and trigger two events from it.

    I am not sure however if TouchOSC is able to update the controls that are in a hidden page. With some experimentation you should be able to know that quickly.




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      Thanks Camille. Unfortunately, I couldn't get this to work last night. When i duplicate the midi entries in osculator, a new child entry is created but simply points to the same OSC parameter... I tried to change this by creating a new entry, but this section is very confusing. Any ideas?


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        The easy solution I see would be to use only one oscltr preset for every TouchOSC banks.

        This will surely workaround the problem, but as I said in the previous post, it has to be verified that TouchOSC correctly updates control values even if the control is in a "bank" that is not displayed… well I guess yes.


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          Thanks, I will test this out tonight...