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Questions for Reaktor users?? Any out there?

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  • Questions for Reaktor users?? Any out there?

    HI, I'm new to the forum but have to say that the iphone interface for osculator looks really great!!!

    So im embarking on a new project... I'm trying to get Osculator to talk to Reaktor... however I have reaktor running as a plugin in Logic 8...

    I have the .pd patch for Osculator and am trying to get it to send messages to reaktor ... before trying this inside logic, and I am already having problems getting messages back and forth. does anyone have any tips?

    I already I have my touching interface setup on the phone, and am receiving messages in Osculator ... i just need to connect the two sides together and get them talking??

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    I use Osculator to control Reaktor... as standalone and in Ableton...

    Could you describe more of what you're trying to do etc.?


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      i'm embarking that wiimote connected to Reaktor5.5(standalone ver.) too.

      I try, OSCulator adjusted to reaktor ,Port No."6449"
      Applyed port No. Reaktor able to active by "OSC setting"
      But can not correlation the same No.

      I control at Reaktor prg. by WiiRemote.
      Please take a hint


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        Hello Taokatakashi,

        I think you need to send the Wiimote messages to Reaktor using OSC Routing events.
        You can do this by using a file that already does this for you.
        This file is located in the Samples Library in the Wiimote/Cycling '74 folder and is called Wiimote to Max.oscd.

        Open this file and go in the Parameters window, then navigate to the OSC tab.
        In the table at the top, change the second target (the one that has the memo 'Max') from "localhost:9000" to "localhost:6449" (if 6449 is the port that Reaktor uses to listen to OSC). You can also change the Memo to Reaktor.

        I have attached this file changed for you.

        If you any further question, please let me know.

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          Thank you for reply.
          When the setting on the Reaktor side also changed making the patch, even I became it from that to connect it. However, please let me refer to the OSC patch because the MIDI data is mainly controlled to Reaktor.

          However,What your work is the best!!


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            Hey Taokatakashi,

            It is not difficult to use MIDI, all you have to do is to use MIDI CC or MIDI Note events, and map them in Reaktor.
            I don't know how to map a MIDI Control Change in Reaktor, you might want to have a look at the manual.