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  • Midi CC out values

    Sending OSC from reacTIVison, trying to get Osculator to send Midi CC values to a soft synth.

    I'm able to set up Osculator to send the kind of messages I expect when piping the x and y values sent by reacTIVision, but the "rz" (rotation) value doesn't seem to want to translate. I've played with the scaling a few different ways but I still only get a Midi CC out value of 127 in Midi Monitor. Quick Look is really only showing the input values, right? I'm assuming Midi Monitor is giving me the right information, because when testing x and y the values are changing as expected.

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    When OSCulator receives a TUIO message is automatically configures the scaling so it matches the TUIO specification. The TUIO spec says the rz angle is measured in a range going from 0 to 2? (~6.28).

    However, looking at the sources, I can see the scaling is ?/2 (~1.57) which seem to be a bug. I am not really sure why this value has been set this way, it was a long time ago, so my first bet is that this is an error, and that you should put 6.28 in the Input Max field, and leave Output Min to 0.0 and Output Max to 1.0.

    Could you please try that and tell me if that fixes you problem? If the test is successful, I will update the default value to 6.28, so no there is longer a confusion on the range.

    I am assuming that the values you see in the Quick Look window are changing as they should. And yes, they are showing the input values, with the scaling in the range of input min and input max.