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Osculator stability, and licence questions

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  • Osculator stability, and licence questions


    I've been testing the demo version of OSCulator for two weeks, using a Wii balance board to control a video game we are developping at my company. I'm very happy with it, but I've got two questions:

    1) Sometimes, when I press the "Not Yet" button after OSCulator ask me to register, the data are not transmitted anymore (except the power button signal which is still transmitted)... Is it a normal behaviour with the demo version ? Will it be fixed when I buy the license ? Or is it a bug ?

    2) We will show our games during several congresses, where the computers will be rented (different computers each time). Do you have "floating" licenses that we could use on these computers ? Or do we have to buy a new license for each new computer ?



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    Hello Quentin,

    To answer your questions:

    1) It is normal that when the application is not registered, the process is first stopped after 5 minutes for 20 seconds, and then every 20 minutes. Then, the normal operation should proceed normally after the user has discarded the registration dialog.

    If the process is not restored, then it should be considered as a bug, and will be fixed as soon as possible. However, from the quick test I have done right now (without a Balance Board), it looks like it is working as expected. I will do additional testing later today with the real device.

    2) Unfortunately, a floating license is not possible right now. OSCulator requires a unique license for every computer running the software. In your case, I would suggest you just uninstall the license and re-install it the other computer you want to use. Please contact me for instructions.




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      Thanks for your quick answer!

      Problem solved! I was just fooled by the battery level indicator on the main interface (which stated 93%, almost full). I thought it was the balance board one. But it is not. The balance board batteries were empty, and when I changed them, everything started to work again (whereas the battery level displayed on the interface didn't changed and still displayed 93%...).

      Concerning the license uninstallation/installation, how do I contact you for the instructions?

      EDIT: Don't take into account my last question, I just found your email on the Purchase page!