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CC list suggestion - add GM names

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  • CC list suggestion - add GM names

    It would be a great usability feature if the CC value list included the general midi name of the controller numbers.


    cc1 (Modulation Wheel)

    cc2 (Breath Controller)


    cc4 (Foot Controller)



    Full GM cc list:

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    Good suggestion, and thanks for the GM list, I was searching for that.

    I've opened a support ticket for a next release.


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      I use this usefull tool by an EWI player (like me...)



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        I would second that but would prefer manual entry of the cc # instead of the list!

        ...Looks like this forum's keeping you busy, Cam! Great work!


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          Yeah, you said it, pretty busy !

          I love when I see people starting to discuss together …

          About the cc numbers entry, could you describe a simple use case of how you would like to enter cc numbers?

          For example, click on the menu, and type the cc number, like "63" on the keypad? Or something more elaborated?


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            Just like you said. Nothing more elaborate.


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              alright, a ticket has been filed in the todo list :-)


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                I'm not sure if it is a good idea, but if I remove the leading "cc" in front of "cc63" for example, you can enter the cc by typing on the keypad, however for a strange reason I don't find it very nice. perhaps I have been too much used to the ccXYZ format …


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                  octatone: I think adding the GM names for the moment makes the menus very crowded. And I don't think a lot of people will benefit from this addition.

                  So, I have made the display of the GM names an advanced setting, that you can activate from the command line (don't worry all will be explained in the user's manual, it takes only a copy/paste to do that).

                  When I have a better solution to display everything more neatly in the main windows, I will remove this option and make the display of the GM names a default.



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                    Since version 2.10, the General MIDI names for MIDI Control Change events are now available when you hold the Control key on your keyboard,while the Value menu is displayed.

                    There is the same kind of functionality where the MIDI Note number is displayed when the Control key is held.