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Aftertouch ('timbre'?) data not arriving at Live

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  • Aftertouch ('timbre'?) data not arriving at Live

    My setup:

    iphone running mrmr (a patch with an X/Y pad, called a 'tactilezone' in mrmr-speak i think)

    -> OSCulator

    -> Ableton live

    I'm using mrmr's tactilezoneTouchDown to trigger an 'MIDI note w/ params' event, and i'm trying to assign the tactilezoneX axis to aftertouch for that note. The note is being created as expected, and arriving at Live. But so far I haven't managed to get any aftertouch data arriving at Live (the aftertouch light in sampler's modulation screen isn't lighting up when i touch the X/Y control in mrmr).

    Here's how i have OSCUlator and live set up:

    Can anyone see what i'm doing wrong here?

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    Hey bitbutter,

    I have tried the same configuration and it doesn't work as well.

    Actually, what Live calls "Aftertouch" is actually "Channel Pressure".

    The Channel Pressure MIDI message has been added to the current version I am working on, but is not available in version 2.9.6.

    In the meantime, to work around this, I would recommend that you :
    • use a simple "MIDI Note" to send a note,
    • Control Change 1 (Modulation Wheel),
    • and set the Destination A column of Mod Wheel to Loop Length.