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    I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm trying to turn different leds ON according to which preset is Oscilator operating at a given time. For example, the following image shows part of template I'm using in touchOSC:

    The objective is to turn ON the leds at each of the "1-8", "9-16", "17-24" and "25-32" push buttons at the top right corner according to which preset I am at that time. Each button is linked to a certain preset, which change the CC of the pads on the left hand side of the template - this allows me to access different clips at Ableton Live 8.

    Everything works perfectly, but after a while I just get lost and don't know at which section of clips am I operating at. If I could identify the preset I am at with a led ON, I could prevent myself from launching wrong clips!

    Thanks for your help.