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  • Reason 4 Setup Help!


    I need some assistance in finishing setting up TouchOSC/OSCulator/iPad. Here's where i'm at: Reason 4 is recognizing the iPad and TouchOSC (it triggers the Redrum sounds) but the sounds don't record when i try and record them. I feel like there is one small thing i'm missing (or perhaps large. i'm new to this so i have no idea).

    If you need any further info on how my setup is, lemme know.

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    have you armed the miditrack for recording in the sequencer window?


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      Yeah. I'm wondering if on the Reason rack, i'm not running the midi out properly through the Advanced Midi Device (do i even need that device on the rack?!), although i feel like i've tried every option. It's weird because when i manually click on the sample in the sequencer window, it records what i trigger. Is there some patch that i need maybe or an extra script?


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        Or is there a possible Reason 4 patch/update i'm missing?


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          Did the Reason 4.0.1 update. I guess i could break this down with some more specific questions:

          1) If i am attempting to trigger Redrum hits, should my OSCulator settings be set to MIDI CC or MIDI Note. If MIDI Note, then does it matter a) what Value i have set and b) what Channel i have set

          2) What should my Reason Advanced Control look like? How about my Keyboard and Control (i tried both MIDI Multichannel Control Surface and MIDI Multichannel Control Keyboard. Seems like one is for MIDI CC and the other is for MIDI Note. Correct me if i'm wrong!)

          I think that's it... i'm sure i'm wrong though.

          Thanks in advance for any help!!!!