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OSCulator Duplicate doesn't work

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  • OSCulator Duplicate doesn't work

    I try to connect iPad (with my OSC app) through OSCulator to Abelton Live.

    Abelton Live generates /midi/clock/continue and sends it to iPad by its IP. Everything is alright.

    So, I connected two iPads (#1 and #2). I duplicated this event (/midi/clock/continue, edit->duplicate) and assigned IP #1 and IP #2 to them.

    And it doesn't work! Only when I use the root of the event (the first string at the screenshot) - it works but there is only one iPad in use!

    What do I do incorrectly?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry but I'm don't understand what you are trying to do exactly.

    It seems the first routing uses "localhost", ifyou are sure that an OSC server is running on your computer listening on port 5055, then everything looks alright.

    FYI, If you look at the documentation about OSC Routing (a bit out of date, sorry), the message will be routed as /midi/clock/continue/0, because the OSC Routing argument is attached to the argument at index 0 of this message. If you want to avoid this behavior, then you can specify your own OSC routing address.




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      Thank you! It works now!

      Yes, I have two servers - one at the localhost and another at real iPad.

      I catch "/midi/clock/continue", but need - "/midi/clock/continue/0".