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trouble switching files and iPads in the new version of OSCulator

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  • trouble switching files and iPads in the new version of OSCulator


    I seem to be having trouble with one of my OSCulator files and I think the problem lies in the midi>OSC output routing, but I'm not sure how/why. I have a file that seems to work, and one that freezes and crashes.

    Under the value column OSCulator used to display my iPad name and a port number alongside each output mapping. Now the entry is different. On the file that works there's a 'D' symbol with a line through it. On the one that doesn't work it's just a '0'.

    Can anyone help me understand what this means and how I go about changing all my output routings to the 'D' symbol (assuming that's where the problem lies!). How do I then change this quickly for all entries if I switch iPads?

    Thanks in advance :-))

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    Hi Noeluk,

    It seems there is a problem converting older files to the new format.

    The fix is simple, just delete the messages starting with /midi and OSCulator will re-create them as necessary.

    To be sure everything will work, go in the Parameters Window, OSC tab, and check that your iPad is the default target. You can tell it is the default target by looking at the table on the top (which lists the OSC devices detected on the network), and checking that the D radio button is properly set to the entry of your iPad.

    I will shortly issue a fix a more thorough for that matter.




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      Cam, you are awesome.

      I just downloaded the your update and everything fixed immediately.